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Choosing A Background For Your Headshot Photography

Blog – Choosing A Background For Your Headshot Photography
What’s in a background?

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hile it isn’t the main focus of your image, choosing the right background does play an important part in the look, feel, mood, and message that your images will convey.

Firstly lets identify your style of headshot and where are they going to be used?

For CV’s, LinkedIn profile shots, or people in a corporate sector (vs. artistic) environment, I always suggest a simple background. Of course everyone wants a photo that’s different and stands out. But for people who are seeking employment you usually want to come across as friendly, confident, and above all professional. A straightforward background shot is always my recommendation, using either a black, grey or white. These are neutral colours and go really well with your LinkedIn profile for business.


or companies who have on display pictures of staff we have a few more options for you. The Studio style, as mentioned above, or an Environmental/Location style. The latter creates a sense of story and are usually shot with a background associated with your profession. Using the camera settings we add a little blur to the scene so that you are the main focus of the image.

I’m pleased to say that we offer a service where we are able to digitally insert a generic stock Environmental/Location background onto your studio style image.

For you Actors or models the choices can be a bit more artistic in nature, as this is more accepted. Coloured lighting and/or backgrounds can be used to complement or enhance outfits. Some actors looking for a dramatic role may want headshots with a dramatic background while another may be looking for roles in musicals and want something a little more colourful.

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Backgrounds can be a solid colour, have a gradient, or even an artistic hand painted effect. The choices are nearly endless.
During our pre-shoot discussion, we’ll discuss your own needs, background options, and your clothing options.


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If you would like to book a Headshot Session or maybe find out more about what I offer, then please head to my Headshot Photography page or send me a message through my Contact Me page.

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