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Why Did I Split Up (The Business)?

Blog – Why Did I Split Up (The Business)? – Part 2
(The Business Photographer)


elcome back to ‘Part Two’ of the beginnings of Small Space Images.

So, why on earth did I decide to split the commercial side of James Turner Photography into its own company? A really important question that took me well over a year to actually put into practise.

First of all let’s go back to the fact I can be hired to capture ANYTHING. When it comes to photography, whether it’s photographing a bride, a toddler or a dog, there are certain rules and guidelines to look for to get the right image; lighting, posing and most importantly, composition.


here are a lot of photographers out there who pride themselves on being a dedicated photographer in one discipline. This is great and I have nothing against these experts in their particular fields, but I recognise that things change. Styles change regularly, and the way that a bottle of perfume is lit today, may not be in fashion tomorrow. And so knowing different light patterns and compositions for a variety of styles gives me an expertise when it comes to knowing instantly what works and what doesn’t.

The major element that differs when it comes to the variety of work, are the workflows. Commercial clients usually need images turned around a lot faster, and with critical deadlines. They may also need higher resolution images for press. There are a whole host of factors in front of the camera as well as behind it, that makes separating them under their own banners a much better idea. I am equally as professional when it comes to any of the work I undertake, but I am now better able to dedicate the right resources, to the right team, for any style and a lot quicker.

Another great reason is for you, the client. It means I have a dedicated place for you to come and find anything and everything a growing business may need to help move onwards and upwards. A one stop shop for the business world, would be a more accurate description.

If you need to know anything more about myself, James Turner Photography, Small Space Images, or any of the services that I offer then please get in contact.

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