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Why Do I Need An Event Photographer?

Blog – Why Do I Need An Event Photographer?


ll Corporate events require some degree of planning and preparation. With so much going on, it’s very easy to overlook the finer detail of hiring a photographer to capture the fun as it unfolds. Some people don’t even think it’s a requirement or necessity. But the benefit of having a photographer makes it one of the more important factors of the event.

Events bring together a unique collection of people to a single venue, often dressed up to the nines and in a festive mood. You may even have scheduled unique key events, such as ribbon cuttings or maybe awards handed out.

Depending on your company and the type of event you can find many uses for professional-quality photos of your event. For example high-quality images for press releases or marketing purposes. Whatever the platform, photography is proven to hold retention and increase readership of your message. It also promotes a company being active.


hese days everyone has a camera on their phone, which can be really handy when you have no other option. But a phone is a pretty poor solution if you want good results. Here are a couple of reasons why a professional photographer is more-suited than someone who’s just tasked to grab a couple shots.

– The photographer has only one job — to capture great photos. They’re not there to socialise and they know what to look for.
– Experience + the right equipment = better results.
– Anticipating human behaviour. From the speaker to the guests – People are going to blink, pause or even put food in their mouth. A professional photographer will know when to capture and when to avoid.
– Having a creative eye, framing the photo and taking interesting or appealing moments that make people to want to look at them.

If you would like to book your event or maybe find out more about what I offer, then please head to my Corporate Photography page or send me a message through my Contact Me page.

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