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Blog – Who is Small Space Images – Part 1
(The Business Photographer)


ell for the very first blog on a brand new website, it seems fitting that I explain in more detail who Small Space Images are, where did we come from, and most importantly who am I?

Now I said where ‘we’ come from, and although Small Space Images may have several staff working on your project, as of right now the only full time employee is me. Over the years I’ve had a variety of nicknames, but everyone knows me as James. And if you have known me from before Small Space Images surged into the light, then you’re probably more familiar with me being the owner of James Turner Photography.

It was back in 2005 that I started to supply my photography in a professional format, and in that time my work has fortunately been published in a couple of nationwide tabloids as well as being printed in a couple of internationally distributed calendars.


ommercial work has always been a part of my business and something I really enjoy capturing. And the name for Small Space Images actually came about during a project in 2019 where I had to capture a variety of pack shot images for a client on their own premises. On arrival I was shown to a store room no bigger than 6ft by 4ft. It was crammed with stock ready to be sold, as well as a small bistro table waiting for me to use. I proceeded to set up all my equipment for the shoot with a little space to spare. The photos came out great and the client was over the moon, not only be part of the shoot on the day, but with the finished images too.

So that’s how Small Space Images found its name.

I’m a problem solver at heart and can always find a way to get things done.

Next time I’ll explain more about why James Turner Photography doesn’t do Commercial, Corporate or headshot photography anymore, and why there’s now a new dedicated space for these services from me.

If you need to know anything more about myself, James Turner Photography, Small Space Images, or any of the services that I offer then please get in contact.

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