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That Represents Your Brand
Putting quality Photography into your business

My sole responsibility is to supply great photography which can be used to attract the clients and work that you desire. I realise the sense of sight is a powerful part of our lives, which means imagery is everything.

After examining your needs as well as your expectations, I put a wealthy of knowledge and education behind the camera to capture the right images for you.

I make photographs that are valuable asset to your business world and help you stand out from the crowd.
Corporate Commercial & Headshot Photography


Awards, Conferences, Exhibitions, Launches, Networking, Parties, PR Events and Openings.


Interior, Product and Packshot images for Websites, E commerce and Promotional Material.


For ALL Business Professionals, Corporate Teams, Personal Branding, and Actors & Actresses.

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Where do I begin? My camera has been earning it’s keep since 2005 and I am an active and proud member of the ‘SWPP’, ‘SICIP‘ and ‘The Guild of Photographers’ professional bodies.
I’ve always worked in media and television, so becoming a professional photographer didn’t seem to be that big of a transition.

The name Small Space Images found its name after the ability to set up small portable studios for Corporate Commercial & Headshot Photography in any location.

I love the work that I do, I love photography and I love to capture, create and edit beautiful and intriguing images. I honestly find it a thrill and a challenge to go above and beyond to design and produce images that people are proud to use as their own.

    Alternatively give me a call on 07887.997.357


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