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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
— Ansel Adams

Over the last 10+ years the demand for Corporate, Commercial and Headshot imagery has grown and grown. And with this increase so SMALL SPACE IMAGES was born.
Initially a part of James Turner Photography, it was decided to split the business so that there was a dedicated place for businesses and individuals to come to find the right kind of photography for them.

SMALL SPACE IMAGES found its name from the fact that we are able to take on any task for clients, on-site, in any size room (more often than not a small one). But please don’t let the name put you off as I’ve also worked in studios that could fit an entire house. For me It’s about making things work, no matter what the obstacle.
If we haven’t already had the pleasure to meet, then hello there, my name is James. I’ve had a fun career working in television since I left school. I have been lucky enough to work for director producer Tony Scott (Top Gun), as well as working on a variety of programmes like Big Brother, Walking Dead. Plus i have also edited Oscar winning films like Free Solo for National Geographic.

A professional camera landed in my hands in early 2005, and although I haven’t always earnt a living from it, I have been training and learning ever since. I still to this day make sure I spend a few days each year picking up new skills or ways to do things as I think this benefits not only me and my workflow, but my clients who come to me as well.

Not many people these days say they look forward to their work, but I can hand on heart say that I LOVE every minute of working with my cameras. And I love it even more when my clients get excited seeing what I’ve created for them.

Great photography shouldn’t be so hard. let me show it isn’t
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