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I want you to be recognised and to stand out in your industry, so that when people see your profile picture on your website or your CV they can see that you emanate confidence and assurance in your chosen field.

With my expert eye and detailed training I’ll put into practise some tried and tested methods to capture not only your good side, but your BEST.
First and foremost my business is to take professional headshots for professional people.

One Look/Outfit Change
1 Background Colour
1x (Basic) Retouched Full Res Image
Colour and B&W Versions Supplied
Cropped LinkedIn Versions Supplied
Images Ready Within 24hrs
Two Looks/Outfit Changes
2 Background Colours
2x (Basic) Retouched Full Res Images
Colour and B&W Versions Supplied
Cropped LinkedIn Versions Supplied
Images Ready Within 24hrs
Ideal For 4+ Members of Staff
Any Choice Of Background
(Colour or Environmental)
1x Full Res Image Per Person
Basic Retouch On Every Image Supplied
Images Ready Within 7 Days
Tailored Packages To Fit Any Budget


Every finished image receives a ‘Basic Retouch’. This involves inspection of the photograph and removing any fluff or dust, as well as loose hairs from your clothing. Anything that naturally shouldn’t be there is removed, so as to not distract from you.

As an upgrade I offer an ‘Essential Retouch’, which is best described as a slight rejuvenation of the face and clothing. I get a little closer to the image and remove any blemishes or pimples. I then reduce any bags under the eyes, whiten the teeth a little and add some sparkle to your eyes. It’s not a complete makeover, I just enhance your natural beauty.

Small Space Images - Headshot Touch Up 01 BeforeSmall Space Images - Headshot Touch Up 02 After
Headshot Photography by Small Space ImagesHeadshot Photography by Small Space Images

Environmental Backgrounds

So you want a one of those flashy looking headshots with a blurred office in the background? GREAT! But you don’t have the right location? Not a problem!

It’s now possible to take your headshot on a plain background and then edit in the office later. Simples!

Priced Per Image
Additional Image (Basic Retouch) – £30
Essential Retouch Upgrade – £5
Additional Image (Essential Retouch) – £35
Additional Background Set-up – £25
On Location Environmental Background – £25
Specific Colour Background – £10
Digital Environmental Background – £10
Linkedin Cropped Profile Picture – £5


There is a passion inside of me to help people follow their dreams and get those acting roles that are meant for them.

Using some industry standard practises and a little bit of flair & emotion we will work together to release what’s need to captivate that casting director.
I provide Actor and Actress Headshot Photography that lifts you off the page and onto the stage.


As a business owner it excites me to assist you and your brand in exploring the right direction with great natural photography. I personally want to see you soar above everyone else in your field and ultimately inspire others.

Mixing inspiration with a little vision will help us both find the right flavouring that suit your branding requirements.
I capture images that can help personal brands come to life in a way that connects with your audience.


    Alternatively give me a call on 07887.997.357


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